Cookies Policy


The current law states that we must provide 'clear and comprehensive' information about the use of cookies on our website.
What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that help organise and store browsing information to allow us to recognise and sometimes track usage. There are two main types of cookies.

Session cookies

Session cookies allow us to link your actions during a single browser session. They are not stored long term and are considered 'less privacy intrusive' than persistent cookies.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies stay on your device between sessions and allow us to remember your details.

Our cookies

We use Google Analytics to measure how users interact with website content. It does not collect any personal information about our website users and supports two JavaScript libraries (tags) for measuring website usage: analytics.js and ga.js.
A recent audit of other cookies on our website show these to be 'Session' cookies and are not considered 'intrusive' to a visitors privacy.
'Persistent cookies' are only used where the visitor is required to log in to view information, such as our Planning Public Access facility; these are essential for this site to operate effectively.
The ‘My North Tyneside’ page also uses a cookie to remember the address you’ve entered to show you content near your house. This is stored in your browser for 1 month and can be cleared by clicking the ‘reset’ button or by deleting your cookies
Further information
For more information please visit AboutCookies.