Exclusion or being excluded means that a young person is not allowed to attend school. This may be as the result of a serious breach of the school’s behaviour policy or if there is a risk to the welfare of the pupil or others within the school. There are two types of exclusion, fixed term and permanent.
Everything possible should be done by all partners to ensure that Looked After Children are never permanently excluded and that fixed term exclusions are avoided. All parties should work together and with the young person through the Personal Education Planning (PEP)process to develop and implement flexible and creative approaches to address any difficulties and avoid exclusion. Every effort should be made to enable the young person to continue to attend school and to minimise disruption to their learning. If it is felt that there is any risk of permanent exclusion please contact the North Tyneside Virtual School as early as possible to explore how this can be avoided.
Sometimes children may be put in an internal exclusion or isolation within school. This usually means working alone or in a small group away from the main body of the school. If this is happening on a frequent basis it may have a negative impact on the education of your child and should be a cause for concern. Again, please contact the Virtual School Head for further advice.