We carry out all the initial and review health assessments to ensure our children and young people in the care of North Tyneside Council get their health needs met.

We encourage birth parents to attend initial health assessments to provide a comprehensive understanding of health needs. All children and young people get a health bag at their initial health assessment with a range of health related products and books.

Our paediatricians and nurses are available to provide expert advice and information to carers, social workers, school staff and others working to support our children and families.

The health team also produce the Health Passports for young people prior to them leaving care, to ensure they have a good understanding of their health history and any ongoing health needs.

The team are keen to promote positive physical and mental health and encourage everyone to sign up for EASE cards so they can access our sports facilities with a friend for free.

Who’s Who?


Gill Robinson is named specialist nurse for looked after children for North Tyneside and Northumberland and Judith Capstick-Meredith is the lead nurse for looked after children in North Tyneside. They are experienced Public Health Nurses who provide support and advice to individual children and young people and those caring for and working with looked after children.

Health Administrators

Jan Southern and Rachael Murray are responsible for co-ordinating and recording the health assessments. This involves liaison with all relevant professionals.


Dr Belinda Bateman, Consultant Paediatrician is both the named doctor and the lead doctor and offers strategic input into the team and trains and supports each new cohort of trainee paediatricians carrying out the health assessments.