Information and Advice

We provide a point of contact for children’s services, schools, health professionals, carers and parents and others seeking advice and information in relation to children and young people in care and those previously in care.

We hold twice weekly consultation opportunities for all social workers (and other invited practitioners) in North Tyneside as part of our extended offer. If you are working with a child or young person that you would like to discuss, then please complete the consultation request form ( and someone from The HIVE admin team will send through a Teams invite for a 30 minute consultation with members of The HIVE Team. The consultation will offer advice, guidance, signposting, the offer for further consultation with the care team and the option to submit a referral for direct support, if deemed appropriate. We will no longer accept referrals without a prior consultation.

Our admin team support with queries about Personal Education Plans, Pupil Premium Plus, Health Assessments, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires and the support The HIVE Team provide. They help to keep all our information up to date and collect a range of data to support the work we do and evidence our effectiveness.

Who’s Who?

Education Administrator

Joanne Burt is the HIVE Team administrator coordinating Personal Education Plans (PEPs), Pupil Premium, Data Collection and Performance, Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ’s). She is the point of contact for enquiries to the Team an ensures information is kept up to date.


Marc Thompson supports the education administrator with Data Collection and Input, Pupil Premium, Training Requests, PEPs, SDQ’s, and ‘Letterbox Club’.

Performance Officer

Wendy James creates a range of performance reports to support the HIVE team. She is part of the Research and Intelligence Team.


School staff training

Schools can find out what’s available via the Education Services website.

Care4Me Training

for staff to learn about what it's like being in care

Children in Care Council

Telephone: (0191) 643 8215