Information and Advice

We provide a point of contact for children’s services, schools, health professionals, carers and parents and others seeking advice and information in relation to looked after and previously looked after children.

Our admin team support with queries about Personal Education Plans, Pupil Premium Plus, Health Assessments, Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires and the support The Hive Team provide. They help to keep all our information up to date and collect a range of data to support the work we do and evidence our effectiveness.

Who’s Who?

Education Administrator

Joanne Burt is the team administrator coordinating PEPs and Pupil Premium, keeping information up to date and being the point of contact for all enquiries to the team.


Marc Thompson supports the education administrator collecting data and supports 'Letterbox Club' and SDQs

Performance Officer

Wendy James creates a range of performance reports to support the HIVE team. She is part of the Research and Intelligence Team.